Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man Review

Not since 2005's Revenge of the Sith have I been so thoroughly satisfied by a nerd night out at the movies. It wasn't just the movie, the movie was great, but not all of it, it was the experience that started in the theatre beforehand, continued when the trailers started to roll and ended on a fade-out of Samuel L. Jackson.

Let's start with the trailers, which, in my opinion, were as exhilerating as the film itself:

The Dark Knight - This is the trailer that caused so much hullabaloo in the last week and I actually wish I hadn't watched the bootleg and understand now, why Warner Brothers was holding off on putting it on the internet until Sunday. It hit me very hard that I should be seeing this shit for the first time on the big screen and not on a postage-stamp on my computer.

The Incredible Hulk - I wasn't sold on the idea of needing a reboot of the Hulk franchise so quickly. I liked the first film and nothing was really pulling me for this new Hulk film. This trailer changed my mind (especially in light of the post-credits scene of Iron Man).

Prince Caspian - It looks pretty good, but Anakin told me he wants to see it, so it looks like I'm in no matter what.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - I had the opportunity to see this trailer on the internet a few days ago and opted against it, hoping beyond hope that it would be on Iron Man. Tears of joy welled in my eyes and May 22 will not come fast enough.

Then Iron Man started.

I was hoping for a lot, but not expecting as much as I hoped for. And, although it wasn't a perfect film (it certainly had flaws), it kicked ass in all the right ways. The acting, across the board was great. Robert Downey, Jr. inhabits the character of Tony Stark in a way that has to be seen to be believed. And I imagine that the studio executives who fought Favreau on casting him are this close to being fired. Jeff Bridges is a joy to watch because it looks like he's having as much fun in the role as the audience is having watching it.

And Gwyneth Paltrow. I've missed her so much. She was amazing in this film for what she was given and absolutely adorable beyond belief.

Terrence Howard did well with what little he had to do, but he wasn't there for this film. He's there for the next film.

The film moved quickly and despite it's 126 minute running time it actually felt like it ended short. Favreau kept the pacing as tight as possible and it paid off. He really did leave the audience wanting more fighting. And the fighting was done so well that I was completely unable to discern what was a physical Winston studio effect and what was a digital Industrial Light and Magic effect. Which is perfect, I don't want to know what was real and what wasn't, I want to believe that the Iron Man armour can work.

So much so, I'm wondering why we haven't built any yet. Jesus.

But, hands down, the best scene in the movie is the post credits scene where Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) comes to recruit Tony Stark for the Avengers. I almost lost control of all of my bodily functions during this scene.

No doubt, this movie is going to mop up at the boxoffice. (At least until Indiana Jones comes out.) My recommendation? Go see it. Now.

In the meantime, I'm going to see it again. And then another time. And then it should be time for Indiana Jones.

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