Thursday, May 29, 2008

Accomplices To War Crimes

President George Bush, a war criminal at large, partied with large groups of star-struck imbeciles in the state of Utah yesterday. It was a fund-raising visit for John McCain and the President's bloody hands were shaken excitedly by overwhelming supporters who forked over even bloodier mountains of cash.

You see, they love him here in Utah. His approval rating is over 25% higher here than the national average. And it makes sense. Most folks around these parts have a lot in common with George Bush.

Take Mitt Romney, for example, who partied with the president at his luxurious Park City mansion yesterday. Mitt Romney, when running for president, called himself the "CEO candidate". CEOs are usually stereotyped as money grubbing, selfish pricks who have no consideration for the little man. Either that stereotype is bogus, or maybe that's the reason Romney, Bush, and Republican Utahns are one big happy family.

Don Peay, a really fucking rich Utah Republican, said: "It was two hours unplugged with (a war criminal). It was awesome."

His intellectual ponderings continued: "There was very little about politics. It was more about what goes into making decisions on the war and terrorism."

We'll forget about the fact that war and terrorism are the hottest political topics right now and forgive Mr. Peay his gaff. But here's what we should do: Arrest Him.

If it is proven (which members of Congress now believe) that George Bush has broken multiple laws, deceived a nation and consequently committed uncountable war crimes, then all those who fund, support, aid, or abet him are equally guilty.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that "millions of dollars" were thrown at the war criminal during his few hours in Utah.
About 100 donors paid $70,100 per couple to attend a private event with the war criminal. The president's limousine was then left in front of the home of accomplices Samuel and Diane Stewart, the hosts of the $500 per person reception, and a $10,000 per person private luncheon beforehand.

Back at Mitt Romney's corporate-bought palace, where "no politics" were being discussed, Romney and Bush decided to rip on Barack Obama's inexperience by saying "The White House is not a place for an internship." You see, Romney has a history of not being comfortable with black people in power. He is still a member of an organization that was officially racist until 1978. Try to guess which one.

Meanwhile, back at the Justice League of Apathetic Protestors, a barely full crowd of sign holders huddled in a park in downtown Salt Lake and listened to Rocky Anderson yell and scream about the terrible war crimes George Bush had committed. "Oh, it's so horrible the things George Bush has done. He's broken so many laws." The crowd applauded and cheered. And then they went home and probably watched a movie or smoked some pot.

I think they're all accomplices to this fiasco also. We all are. Everyday that goes by without the strong armed power of democracy rising up and setting things right is guilt by apathy. I mean, what about a citizen's arrest of George Bush? Has anyone tried? One guy in England, with Hulk sized balls, attempted a citizens arrest on John Bolton recently. How bout dem apples? Not that I, the rather pessimistic author of this diatribe, am some champion for a coup or a government takeover. Actually, I'm one of you. Trying to make a living and pay the bills and find some meaning and purpose in life. The bombs aren't dropping on me. And that George Bush stimulus check is going to pay my rent next month. I was going to attend the protest today, but I had to work. And it would have been a waste of time anyway. I've held too many protest signs in my life. And they all have the same outcome: nothing.

And that's a crime.


freewriterguy said...

Mormons were not "officially racists until 1978", as you quote, your believing an old wives tale. visit click on priesthood, and you will see Elijah Abel and his family were ordained Elders in the mormon church in 1836, along with many others. Let me enlighten you to who the real racists are. Remember rest of America who continued segregation of Blacks until 1960? In Missippi, whites were even being killed for helping blacks. You see, the general public in 1830's didnt like a slave having authority over his white master, in the church thru his priesthood or any other form, and they certainly weren't ready to be baptised by their slave. So after the Lord was sure the real racist Americans had outgrown their the ignorance of their fathers hatred of blacks, then he restored the preisthood rights to all black americans thru his duly authorized servant. In other parts of the world however, there were blacks receiving the priesthood prior to 1978. Remember Blacks didnt segregate the whites with Colored only drinking fountains, or Colored only restaurants, it was the other way around.(notice I said, racism, and not slavery which can be considered two separate events since even whites have been slaves in history). I've heard that if you look on the lawbooks back in Ohio or maybe Missouri, in the 1830's you can find an old law that made it illegal for the Mormons to ordain black priests because it gives them illegal authority over there white masters. Surprized? You shouldnt be, these same people denied mormons their civil liberties, and drove them out of several states, and eventually out of America. Did you know, mormons don't worship a guy named mormon for that matter? In fact, the mormon church is the first church on American soil to bear the name of jesus christ in its title ( a point mentioned that is casually ignored by many that Jesus brought up in the N.T. when churches were bearing the names of men). Does your church bear Christ's name for that manner? hmm. Just thought you might want to hear some truth for a change, instead of continue in the "old wives tales."

Steven said...

The church didn't allow blacks to hold the same positions as whites until 1978. That's officially racist. End of story.

Sure, maybe Joseph Smith ordained some black people, but then Brigham Young came along and called them "heathens" and "of lower spiritual value" and that all changed. Young was a saturated racist whose words should be dismissed as fringe at best.

And your argument about an invisible space-being who waited for Americans to become less racist so that he, like some kind of alien parental figure, could give black people equal rights is bat shit crazy.

Crooked7 said...


Of course protests in and of themselves don't change anything. Did you at some point really think holding signs could miraculously bring about political change? The point of demonstrations is to raise consciousness and bring about greater dialog/debate of issues that are otherwise paid little attention or outright ignored. You won’t find any meaningful dialog among our political leaders or our mainstream media outlets. Historically Americans have had to mobilize politically and essentially force our unresponsive government and leaders into making popularly supported changes. I agree with you that there is a lot of apathy and that we as Americans are at some level collectively responsible for the brutal actions of our government. Yes it is discouraging that most Americans aren’t willing to take a stronger stand against the war but that doesn’t mean that demonstrations don’t serve a purpose.

The Silent Observer said...

Speaking of bat shit crazy, if I someday realized that the only ones who agreed with me were the most looney members of Congress and the pot-smoking members of society, I would take that as a really BIG HINT.

Crooked7 said...

The Silent Observer

“Speaking of bat shit crazy, if I someday realized that the only ones who agreed with me were the most looney members of Congress and the pot-smoking members of society, I would take that as a really BIG HINT.”

The beliefs of members of Congress are the gauge of sanity? Most Americans don’t want the US in Iraq and aren’t happy about the unresponsiveness of our elected “representatives”. If you look outside the borders of the US you will find a large portion of the world’s population condemns the US occupation of Iraq. But hey, your reactionary, xenophobic and Americentric view of the world that is so prevalent among the right in this country probably retards anything that could pass for intelligent thought.

The Silent Observer said...

Even if you think the rest of Congress is a poor guage of sanity, they are a paragon of mental health compared to Dennis "Roswell" Kucinich and the others that push the impeachment/war criminal angle. HINT-HINT.

Steven said...

First of all, Congress didn't just appear. The People elected those guys. So, if you think they're crazy, then we all are. Even you.

Second, Bush and Co. are all war criminals and should be in jail. The End.

Bryan said...

A) Dennis Kucinich has a voting record I would be proud of, generally.

B) Life on other planets and beings from space are waaaaaay easier to swallow than a giant bearded diety in the sky waiting to subjectively judge us in the event of our deaths.

Bryan said...

Not to mention the fact that he said he saw a UFO... And as rational, non-Fox news watching people know, are actually Unidentified Flying Objects. He saw something in the sky he couldn't identify.

He never said it was an alien.

Jeez, you're a moron.

Crooked said...

"Dennis "Roswell" Kucinich and the others that push the impeachment/war criminal angle. HINT-HINT"

Polls have consistently shown that approximately 40% of the US population feels that Bush should be impeached. Contrary to your belief, the idea is actually very popular.

The Silent Observer said...

Since Kucinich is actually my congressman (duly elected by my neighbors of District 10 no thanks to me), I would not expect you to be as familiar with his neurosis as I am. There's more to the story than just seeing something he couldn't identify but anyways that is besides the point. Crooked7 said that Congress is insane, not me. As much as this may overload your liberal incapacity to understand nuance, I don't actually believe Kucinich belongs in a straight jacket or anything despite my persistence in using imagery which seem to have brought you to that conclusion (as evidenced by your comparison to belief in God). In reality, I think it's quite an accomplishment to become a Congressman and not just any Joe Blow can wander out of the asylum and into the capitol building. Rather I was trying to convey the idea that I think he's extreme politically, my greater point being the fact that he can't get more moderate members of Congress to back his calls for impeachment (HINT!) when they would have much to gain politically by doing so (HINT!) and share the same duty to uphold the Constitution (HINT!) leads me to believe that such calls are baseless.

So calm down. Jeez.

The Silent Observer said...


That is amazing. I never knew that such a high percentage of the population smoked pot. Thanks for letting me know.

Crooked said...

I never said congress was insane, I said they weren’t representative. But if you are going to call any one insane look at the guy that claimed “god” told him to invade Iraq. If pot was somehow responsible for people no longer willing to tolerate such a lunatic as president you really shouldn’t be hurling it as an insult. I think it should be taken a step further, maybe water board the hell out of him for few days.

Bryan said...

I kind of went back and read the article this conversation grew from and the interesting thing about our conversation is this:

It was derailed from the incontrovertible fact that George Bush is a war criminal and that the majority of Utahns support him and his warcrimes.

The Silent Observer said...


I was with you right up until the words "incontrovertible fact."

Bryan said...

Okay, let's start this over in a more scholarly fashion. Why do you think Bush isn't a War Criminal?

The Silent Observer said...

You probably didn't mean it to say it that way, but instead of assuming Bush is guilty until I prove him innocent, why don't we turn the question around and you give evidence for Bush's war crimes/impeachment, and I'll give you the reasons why I and apparently Congress do not find them compelling.