Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Killer at Large on "The Home Team"

This morning Steve, Elias and I appeared on the K-Jazz morning show "Home Team" to talk about the film and the obesity epidemic.

Part 1:



The Silent Observer said...

What I guess I'll never understand is how someone can eat 5-10 lbs. of french fries every month and still think that obesity is caused by anyone other than themselves.

Bryan said...

Never say never. As soon as you see the film you're certain to change your tune.

The Silent Observer said...

Touche! I actually will see the film; although I didn't agree with the ideas behind This Divided State, it was a very well put together film. You guys have talent.

Santa Vaca said...
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Steven said...

Chris Forscutt,

Just checked out your blog and you're looking kinda hefty yourself there, killer.

And poking fun at peoples' physical differences seems very anti-Mormon. I assume you're Mormon because your blog annoyingly screams it.

So, shame on you, big man.

Oh, and if you poke fun at my friends again, I will fucking destroy you.

Bryan said...


I'm calling your wife to see how she reacts to your preposterous immaturity and stupidity...

Then, after I've left a message, I'm going to email her....


I wonder how you'll feel after that.

Steven said...


See, you don't come on this blog and take a dump and leave.

Cuz, after rubbing your face in it, we'll make you eat it up, fucker.

Dave said...

I love it when the fat dude in the middle says he lost so much weight just by cutting out french fries. Freaking hilarious. You guys are such a joke. Please... give up the dream. How many years have you been at this crap and you're still stuck in Utah trying to get on day-time TV? No one cares. Well, I guess it is good entertainment. So what the heck... don't give up the dream. Keep the good times rollin'

Also, thanks for the excercise tip too. "The most efficient excercise is the balanced excercise. Meaning you're not just focused on excercise." Freaking brilliant advice.

And stay off those french fries. I'm still laughing at that one. I'm gonna watch it again.

Steven said...

Fuck you, Dave in Tennessee (or Chris or anonymous whoever)

We've got 2 films that have screened around the entire planet.

We's gots DVDs in stores worldwide.

I got a blowjob in Vancouver, CA from a German chick just because she thought my movie kicked ass. She fucking swallowed.

We did this KJZZ show cuz they asked us.

Chris, what the fuck have you done in your life besides marry someone who looks like a foot?

(And if you're not Chris, then get fucked. That's what you get for posting like an anonymous cuckold)


Dave said...

I thought you might have been spending a few minutes trying to look me up on Google. :-) So predictable.

What, you don't think that was a hilarious interview? Come on... you have to learn to laugh at yourself if you're ever going to make it in Hollywood. Or are you still shooting for Sundance?

Also, does Michael Moore know about your film? Someone should tell him he doesn't need to worry about losing any more weight, he can just blame George Bush and the rest of America for his [still] oversized keister.

Or he can just lay of the french fries for a few months.

Oh man... I'm going to go watch it again now...

Steven said...

No, dipshit, comments come with an IP address. I don't need to google you.

But if I did google you, I probably wouldn't find anything since watching our KJZZ interview over and over again is apparantly the most you've ever done in your life.

Given that it's 3 in the morning out there in TN, I know I'm right.

Oh, maybe you're selling arts and crafts like the ones on that Forscutt Lazy Bee blog. Maybe that's your life's highlight.

Yeah, good luck with that, fuckface. Take a Prozac and go to bed.

Dave said...

Wait... what\'s an IP address? So you\'re a film maker and an Internet sleuth!

You\'re right though... I could never top the apparant highlight of your life (your amazing experience in Vancouver, of course).

That reminds me. I need to get back up to Canada sometime. Sounds like a wonderful place. Much better than this country, I\'m sure you\'ll agree.

Time to take my Prozac!

Steven said...

Vancouver experience was just another example of the following:

People love you or hate you if you've got something to say and you're given a worldwide platform to say it.

Talking to students in Hong Kong about free speech (since they don't have it there) was another highlight of my film career.

As for people who hate, "Dave", well you know who you are.

Let's be friends. I forgive you. And when you forgive, you love.

Ha! I totally out-Mormoned you!

Dave said...

Why do you have such a big thing against Mormons? It seems like every few posts you mention something about a Mormon. Are they really that bad to you? Did you used to be one? Seriously, what is the deal there?

Here is an idea for your next blog post:

\"Everything I hate about Mormons\"

Please be specific and list your reasons in order of priority.

And also, what is \"Hong Kong\"? I have never been outside of the bubble so I dont know much.

Finally, what exactly do you forgive me for? I guess I should apologize for laughing at Bryan. I need to get more self-control. That dude just got me rolling in laughter and I couldnt stop.

Just admit that the interview was a little bit on the absurd side? Seriously, she called you guys scientists. That was pure comedy.

Steven said...

I don't hate Mormons per se.

Just hypocritical douchebags like yourself who "love Jesus" and then make fun of people with physical differences. Shame.

I live in Utah and there's just a lot of moronic dimwits here who are motivated by voices in their heads from invisible space aliens.

It's get real old after a while.

Hong Kong is one of the most gigantic cities on Earth. It's located in southern China. China, in case you don't know, is where Walmart comes from.

I don't mind if you laugh at our interview. You sound like someone who needs some laughter in their life. I feel bad for you. There's WAY funnier shit out there. Outside of your "bubble", that is.

But, no, don't laugh at us being called scientists. We spent 2 years neck deep in research.

I could school the fuck out of you.

Ok, goodnight.

Maybe when I screen my next movie in TN, you can come protest out front. Or point and laugh, whatever floats your boat.

Dave said...

Trust me, all the readers of your blog know how good you are at schooling the heck out of douchebags like me.

I just love getting schooled so much that I cant stop responding so I can get more out of you. At this point Im actually trying to predict your responses word for word. Its difficult because youre so creative in your articulation. But Im starting to get the hang of it.

Steven said...

You're trying to predict my responses?

You want to get more out of me?

You have got to be a woman.

Har har.

No, but seriously, tell me your real name so you can at least stop being an anonymous coward.

Dave said...

I would tell you my real name, but I know you are not big enough to have this conversation with me, man to man. Instead you will harras my family like you did with Chris Forscutt. So there is no way that is going to happen. But I do not really see how ideas need to be tied to a name (especially when they are exchanged with a malicious loser like you)? Maybe the reason is something you can only learn about as a world traveler.

The truth is, you are pathetic. You think you know who I am, but you do not even know if I am a man or a woman, in Utah or Tennessee, or even if I am a Mormon. Do any of those matter? Stop acting like they matter.

I know that you are an ameture film maker who if I asked 100 people - none of them would know your name or any of all your two films. I know that you cannot communicate with words that have real meaning so you resort to simple trash. I know that your demo reel on your company website looks like something made by an eighth-grader (okay, a group of eighth-graders). And I know that Bryan is overweight. He might not have a heart attack tomorrow. But he is fat. And it is all his own fault. You cannot blame corporate America and republicans for being fat. It is so freaking stupid.

I admit, I have not seen your film. But blaming the government for obesity is idiotic. If you eat pounds fries and never get out from behind your video editing station, you are going to get fat. No government policy can or should change that. If you want that life -- get it. If Bryan is really healthier than he was before -- good for him.

The reason you are stuck where you are is because your ideas are wrong. It does not matter what my name is, who my wife is (or what she looks like). It does not matter who you get to sleep with or what foreign seminars you get to teach. You are still wrong.

Also, your movie is old news. From what I can tell, if I ever get the chance to see it, it will be like watching 5 back to back specials on 20/20. Big whoop. Does Barbara Walters make an appearance in your film?

One last question, do you secretly wish you were a Mormon?

Steven said...

I don't know if you picked it up, but I actually extended somewhat of an olive branch back there. But, whatever.

Yes, I know who you are. You're like every other ignorant fuck who comes on my blog and says, "Blah, blah, blah, I won't watch your movie but I know everything about it. I won't read the facts, but I know everything about them, etc, etc"

Dude, you believe the American Indians came from the Middle East, get fucked.

Everything you said about obesity is wrong. Factually wrong. Stupidly wrong. Irresponsibly wrong. Wanna know the science? The facts? Fucking read a book. Look at the data. Example: facts show that policies within the 2008 Farm Bill (such as subsidies and USDA nutrition standards) directly contribute to obesity. If you can prove that wrong, you can come kick me square in the nuts.

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, I spent two years compiling a critically acclaimed film on the topic and you just dismiss all that cuz you feel like being a dick.

Truth is, it's MY blog you just spent your whole night commenting on, like this is the only way to prove that you've got a pair.

I just stayed up all night editing a short film which will be screened this Wed night at a theater in downtown SLC. What's your excuse?

You're just as you say: anonymous. A nobody. A two-bit cuckold with an axe to grind.

Truth is, I fucking dig the attention you give me. I had you up all night. Let's do it again sometime.

Do I secretly wish I was Mormon?

My answer is go fuck yourself.

P.S. Make sure I never find out who you are cuz I will seriously fuck you up.

Dave said...

I never said I would not watch your film. I will have to see if I can match my schedule with the upcoming... 2 screenings (in New York or LA). When will the film come to Tennessee?

Your new short film sounds cool. When and where is it showing on Wed night? Maybe I will check it out. Maybe we can meet somewhere and you can really show me who is boss?

I do not need to read a book to know who is responsible for my own health. And I do not know what Indians from the Middle East has to do with obesity.

Two quick things:

1) Have you heard that cigarettes kill people too? I just saw you smoking in a few of your pics and I thought I should warn you in case the government is not doing their job.

2) I saw your two years of research all over the floor. I guess nowadays all you have to do to be a scientist is waste 10 toner cartridges printing wikipedia articles and make a movie about it.

But seriously. It looked like there was a lot of good highlighting on that research. Well done.

I know you love the attention. That is why you will never stop exposing yourself. If you are lucky, someday you will be as famous as Super Dell. I know you have what it takes, and if I am lucky I will play a role in getting you to where he is today. I bet you would even run for Governor if you had two or three producers to stand by your side and support you.

Okay, now I am ranting. Your turn big boy.

Steven said...

Ok, good. Now you're all over my blog looking at pictures of me. And I noticed I was one of the first things on your mind when you woke up this morning.

And I have no idea who Super Dell is. Was he like a Mormon prophet or something?

And I'm smoking a cigarette right now. I always smoke after sex.

Steven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bryan said...

I just wanted to comment here, since my weight seems to be the topic of conversation here.

A) Yes, my weight is partly my fault and I'm doing something about it. With what I learned on this movie I've dropped almost 40 pounds. But it wasn't all eat-less-exercise more and personal responsibility. When you see the film, you'll understand why the government and big industry are culpable in the criminal enterprise of American obesity.

B) The "ideas" behind the film aren't wrong. They've been meticulously researched, we have congressmen and senators (on both sides of the aisle!) in it and supporting our conclusions as well as experts across the gamut of this issue. I'm not going to "make fun" of you for not knowing that since you haven't seen the film.

C) Chris Forscutt came over here and called me fat and told me I had a gap in my fucking teeth. Who's the 8th grader here? Chris Forscutt will get what's coming to him in the grand scheme of things.

D) I would advise you see the film and you'll understand why a lot of stuff you wouldn't have realized affects your weight.

I'm sick of writing this, so I'm going to stop and this will be the last thing you hear from me, but seriously, this whole fucking thing is pretty fucking stupid.

Chris said...

I realized that I was being a butt and I am sorry. Please forgive me! I didn't think this would go this far. FYI I have no connection to "dave."

Steven said...

Chris, yes and thanks for the apology. No hard feelings at all from me.

Don't worry about it. We're all human after all.


Dave said...


I stopped reading after you said "my weight is partly my fault". That statement shows exactly who you are. While I don't feel sorry for you specifically, I do feel sorry for the people who you feed this crap to and they believe it.

Do you think the government is going to get better? Give me a break, they can't do anything. You must be smart enough to realize that there is no government policy that will ever be put into effect that will actually fight obesity.

So what you're really telling people is that there is no hope. The government controls your health. We all know the government is not going to change. So you have no hope.

But it's a lie. People can control their health, their success, and their happiness.

Next time you screen your flick in SLC let me know so you can prove me wrong. I just hope I don't gain 40 pounds after I find out how I can't stop the obesity.


I know for a fact that you know who Super Dell is.

Anyone Who is Overweight:

You are fat. It's your fault. It's not attractive. No matter who you are, you are not as happy as you could be if you were healthy.

The government cannot and will not help you. You can waste time blaming them. You can die young of a heart attack blaming them. But they are not going to help you. You may wish they could or think they should - but they never will.

Here are some suggestions:
- Treadmill
- Soccer
- Running
- Tennis
- Swimming
- Hiking
- Skiing

These are just a few. If you can't do those - start by walking. Walk for one hour a day. Then two. Then try jogging. Soon you will be able to play all kinds of sports - and guess what? It's fun. It's not as easy as sleeping in until noon then having a cigarette for breakfast - but it's healthy and satisfying.

Killer at Large Crew:

You should make a movie about how dispite our government, we can all be happy and healthy if we put some effort into it. That might actually help someone.

Bryan said...


Thanks for the apology. I didn't really call or email your wife.


I won't hold the fact that you don't know what you're talking about against you and I don't need you or anyone else to "feel sorry" for me.

But I'm not going to get drawn into a debate about obesity here. See the film and talk to us at a Q & A, but I guarantee, you'll be singing a different tune. Having said that, there are hundreds of ways the government affects and promotes obesity and there are things we can do about it.

To think otherwise is naive.


Chris said...

Thanks Bryan!

Dave said...


Are you saying what the government does limits your own responsibility to yourself and your family? Did your mother teach you that if you get fat, you can't stop it because it's the government's fault?

I'm not saying the government can't make things better or worse. Trust me, I agree they make a lot of things worse - including things like education which is part of the obesity problem (in my opinion).

I'm saying on the individual level, you are still 100% accountable. That concept is apparently to big for you to understand -- but if you could figure it out and promote that idea, you could really help some people.

Telling people that the way to make America healthy is to get the government involved is selling false hope. Completely false. The government will never help. Can you cite one example where the government solved a problem like this that is so closely tied to the individuals behavior?

Again I say: You are selling false hope. I hope that at least it pays your bills.

Also... you seem like a reasonable person. You respond to the questions and keep your sex life, your simple trash talk, and your prejudices to yourself (we all have prejudices, I can admit it).

I know I could never turn you against Steve. But seriously, do you really think that guy can lead you towards any kind of real lasting success in life? I know my advice is will be completely dismissed... but I'll give it anyway: Move on and leave this freak in your dust.

Also, if you really want to be nice, remove your posts that have personal phone numbers and email addresses of innocent bystanders. (even if they aren't real). I'm glad to hear you never followed through with harassing someone like that.

And seriously, I'll make it a point to see your movie. I don't I'm going to walk out of there thinking the government is even partially limiting my ability to be healthy. But I'm willing to put your ideas to the test.