Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Clown Travel Agency

So, "The Dark Knight" had another of it's viral marketing campaigns today. At 3:00 pm the "Clown Travel Agency" left a riddle in place for people to figure out and follow. Miraculously, Salt Lake City was listed amongst cities participating in the campaign.

Without a seconds hesitation, some of the other Big Shiny Robots (Kill-Tacular-Tron) helped me figure out the riddle:

Ready to Have a Ball?

A Special Bag of Fun Awaits the First to Claim It,
But You'd Better Strike Fast, There's
No Time To Spare.
We were thinking the baseball stadium for a minute, but we realized that there were no spares in baseball. (We're nerds, not jocks.) Bowling Alley.

So we dropped everything at the office and headed to the largest bowling alley closest to downtown:

Here we are... The AMF Bowling alley on 2200 S. State Street in Salt Lake...

Going in....

When we got inside, we were told to talk to the lady at the front desk. Dr. Cyborg asked her what was going on with the Clown Travel Agency and we were promptly told that she couldn't tell us anything. "I'm not aloud to say anything more than you have your clues and you're in the right place."

As we looked around, we realized that there were a dozen other fellow Bat-nerds, all on cell-phones trying to get the clues to find the bag of whatever. Some of us assumed it would just be some type of Bat-loot.

We followed suit, jumped on our phones and started asking for help, but we were too late. Some Bat-nerds more enterprising than we deduced that whatever it was was in a locker in the alley. The combination was somewhere on the website and they got a bowling bag.

Inside the bag? A Joker playing card, a cell phone...

...and a Joker bowling ball:

Notice a phone number on the bowling ball?

So did we. The gents that found it used the phone provided in the bag to call the number and then left promptly.

What did it say?

So... They know who we are...

How comforting.

(Also, I gave my card to the guys with the ball and they said they'd email me any more updates about what happens with the phone.... So, look for that....)

UPDATE: Now that all the cities have finished their treasure hunt, we’re being asked to go to a website called http://acmesecuritysystems.com/delos, type in the password “Needle” and our email address…. More when I find out what the hell is up, as it is, the server is too busy to process my request….

UPDATE 2: I did what I needed to on the website and Jim Gordon called me.

Check it out:

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Elder Roxas said...

Hey - I was one of the two guys there in the Harvey Dent shirts, if you remember. :)

I was actually the first one in the alley, with my friend. We called all the alleys in SLC, then chose that spot first, then once we got there, the manager of the place (a guy named Chris) was nice enough to give us some hints on where the combo lockers were "hidden." My friend and I sat there for two hours. But then a TON just showed up at the last minute!

I'm over the fact that I didn't get the loot, even though me and my buds were first. But what kinda frustrates me is how prude the winners were - they almost walked out of the alley without showing it to us. And they were kinda snobby about the whole thing. Am I just being sour, or did you feel the same?

Unknown said...

Umm... I don't feel too bad because I showed up at the last minute, too...

They did seem a little protective, but who wouldn't?

I mean, they let me take pictures of the stuff and let me give them a card so they could update me, so...

So... I guess my point is this: I didn't see that and if it happened like that, then you have every right to be sour.