Monday, September 17, 2007

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

I've just been blown over by a film.

After yesterday's screening of the rough cut, we all took the day off from our documentary and I've been dying to see The King of Kong since it was released around in these parts a couple of weeks ago. That's not true, I've been dying to see it since I heard about it, months and months ago.

Tonight was the night, though, and I went to go see it.

This is everything a film should be. Not just a documentary, but any film. It was dramatic, funny, had heroes, villains and twists and turns around every corner.

Nothing I can say will do the film justice. You just sit back and watch it unfold and wonder how the filmmakers were able to get access to all of the participants enough to put together a film this solid.

Why don't films like this get a wider release? Everyone and their cousin will love this movie. Everyone. This is the Rocky of video game movies and I guarantee there are more gamers than boxing fans. So, go so it. Prove to the powers that be that films like this deserve wider releases.

I'd go on, but really, what you should do is stop reading this right now and go see the film. And I'd really rather watch the film again myself than continue writing about it.



I was really saddened to learn that Billy Mitchell is the current Donkey Kong Champ by 300 points. I looked it up when I got home....


Logan said...

just 300 points?!! that's a damn close margin considering they're over 1000000.

it was a terrific story.

Barlet said...

King of Kong looks good. What was the title of that other documentary recently about ols school video arcade games?

I went to but wasn't quite sure what you guys were up to.