Monday, April 02, 2007

General Update

Things are going great on all fronts. I just wanted to drop by and offer some type of general update as the headline would imply.

1) John's movie "Blood, Boobs and Beast" is getting rave reviews all over the place and has been placed in a Film Festival. I'll let John come and give all the details as he sees fit.

2) The obesity documentary is going swimmingly. Elias, Steve and I are all heading out to Berkeley a week from today for an intense battery of interviews and then turning around a few days after we get back and heading straight out to Texas for more filming. IMDb has added quite a lot of detail to interviews we've done to the doc's profile and looking at it on the IMDb page, it really seems to be filling out, content-wise.

Principal photography is nearing a wrap and by the middle of May we should be heading into editing.

3) They BYU-Cheney project is gaining traction. We're really going out of our way to make as objective a view of the events as we can and it seems as though we're accomplishing that and we've recruited close to two dozen filmmakers to help record the events.

Doug Fabrizio's Radio West covered it today and we were able to get a camera man in there to film in studio.

I was also interviewed by a reporter for the BYU Daily Universe for my take on the Cheney debate. Who knows if they'll use anything I said. We'll see tomorrow, won't we?

Additionally, Disinformation (our distributor for This Divided State) ran links to our Huffington Post articles on their mySpace blog.

4) "The Fleapit Three" has most of it's IMDb data up and running and things went well at that festival in India. Or so I heard. I could have been lied to, though.

Anyhow, we're nearing announcing another screening. It'll probably be in May before I think about putting it together and organizing, but it's on the horizon.

5) Elias, Steve and I are nearing announcing the plans for another documentary project.

If you want to know more about it, my only advice can be to make our blog your homepage or something...

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