Monday, February 12, 2007

Salt Lake City Bloodbath

I'm sure most of you who read this blog have heard about this (this and this) and I'm sure there will be more conclusive reports coming out soon.

A man walked into a Salt Lake City mall (Trolley Square) that is located literally two blocks from our office with a sawed off shotgun and killed multiple, random people. Inside the mall is the movie theatre I spend about half my time watching movies at. I saw this, this and this (among many others) at this theatre. This is the site of the Salt Lake City Sundance Box Office every year. I was there last week trying to buy tickets...

The weirdest part about this for me is that Elias and I were actually leaving the office after a day of working on our film as police were responding, they blew by us, both on the freeway and in Downtown, and we thought nothing of it.


STEVE wanted to add this:
Like Bryan said, I live 2 blocks from Trolley Square and there's like 10 helicopters buzzing my house right now. I can see the lights flashing over the trees.
UPDATE: Here's a slightly more detailed report.

UPDATE 2: This is probably the most detailed report we'll see until tomorrow.



makkeboome said...

that's crazy dude, i ate there just yesterday. (old spaghetti factory)

Jim said...

Crazy. I skated in here from Jesus' General. Lived in SLC 1997-1999. Hard to believe.

Or perhaps not.

Still, terrible.

Anonymous said...

I was driving past Trolley on my way home from work as it was happening.


myrnatheminx said...

Man, I used to hang out with my brother who lived right across the street with his punk band in an old Victorian (practically condemned). That's some crazy shilala. Mullets should be banned, not to mention guns.

Anonymous said...

I like pie!!1